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What is eCheck?

Retail Compliance Checklist Software

echeckeCheck is a powerful Retail Compliance Checklist software solution brought to you by RetailSas that enables field auditors to efficiently perform retail audits on site and in real time without the paper trail, dramatically improving retail compliance while reducing time and administration costs. This tool enables you to create custom retail compliance checklists and forms to suit the environment you operate in, allowing you to build a catalogue of store checklist templates that are easy to retrieve and complete on site by field auditors. eCheck delivers comprehensive streamlined solutions for creating and performing retail compliance assessments, automating data collection, analysis and progress tracking.

Automate and Improve Audit Processes

A truly mobile and easy to use real-time solution, eCheck improves the accuracy and efficiency of retail audits by allowing field auditors to use the Apple iPad or laptops to conduct audits on site with an internet connection.

Answer questions with a simple mouse click while visual indicators display workflow status at each stage of the assessment. Out-of-compliance items are highlighted so recommendations can easily be made. Data collection is done on-site; hence, saving you time and minimizing errors from the traditional process of data re-entry into excel spreadsheets back in the office.

Grows with your Business

We understand that changes are inevitable. Built with simplicity and scalability in mind, eCheck provides the perfect solution for large multi-site retailers as well as small single retail store operations. The flexibility of the system allows easy editing of audit questions, methodologies, new stores and managers as your business changes and evolves with time.

24/7 Progress Monitoring and Tracking

Managers are able to see the progress and compliance items completed by each field auditor in real time. View the progress of each field auditor, how much they have completed, tasks completed, the date and times of completion and more. This provides the ideal compliance checklist software where you are able to monitor the operational audit progress of your business and generate analytical reports anywhere, anytime. Enjoy total visibility and live control of your business around the clock.

  • Save time with retail compliance audits
  • Perform on-site audits using an Apple iPad or Laptop PC
  • 24/7 access to all field audit data at any level
  • 24/7 monitoring of your organization’s progress
  • 24/7 access to retail audit reports
  • Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and awkward data management
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Client Success Stories

"Our retail audit process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency and more time is spent on our other business processes instead."

Andrew Smith
Loss Prevention Investigator
Next Byte - Premium Apple Reseller