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With eCheck any business can easily:

  • Save time with retail compliance audits
  • Perform on-site audits using an Apple iPad or Laptop PC
  • 24/7 access to all field audit data at any level
  • 24/7 monitoring of your organization's progress
  • 24/7 access to retail audit reports
  • Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and awkward data management

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“eCheck is excellent for multiple store locations and very easy to use. We got all our stores and retail store checklists set up within 3 hours; field auditors were using the system on the very same day without any training. The fact that we can gain immediate access to reports is good too, so our store managers and business owners can monitor the businesses anywhere, anytime.”
Anthony Inman 
Group Assurance and Risk Manager
Vita Group Ltd, ASX - VTG
“Thanks to eCheck we're saving time and money! No more time wasted with data entry into spreadsheets and checking for errors. With an iPad and internet connection, we are set to conduct our retail audits. Our retail audit process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency and more time is spent on our other business processes instead.”
Andrew Smith 
Loss Prevention Investigator 
Next Byte - Premium Apple Reseller
"eCheck has transformed our business, making what used to be a tedious task, a pleasure now. We are now able to monitor the progress of our organization anywhere and anytime, managing many more jobs with far fewer people - both in the office and out in the field. Thank you eCheck for helping us save time and money, we have only positive things to say."
Lisa Noyes 
Workplace Health and Safety Officer
Fone Zone pty ltd

Our Products

eCheck web based compliance and auditing software
eCheck web based compliance
and auditing software
iCheck iPad based compliance and auditing software
iCheck iPad/iPhone available 
on the App Store
   Apple iPad featuring iCheck

eCheck improves the work efficiency of retail audits

With eCheck, you can create and manage loss prevention audits and retail compliance check lists for your business, quickly and simply. eCheck is compliance checklist software designed to increase efficiency of operational audits. This software delivers solutions that help organizations streamline retail audit processes by allowing on-site data collection, and 24/7 access to field data, progress and reports.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time compliance checklist solution
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • On-site data collection which is practical for field auditors
  • Ability to use hand-held devices such as the Apple iPad to conduct audits
  • 24/7 on demand audit report and analytics creation
  • 24/7 total visibility and live control
  • Flexible, scalable and grows with your Business
  • Tailor loss prevention checklists to your needs
  • Ability to change audit questions and methodology easily
  • Unlimited number of Stores, States and Managers to report on
  • Your data is kept safe and secure
  • Helpdesk and customer support when you need it
  • Reduce errors and hours spent on data re-entry
  • Save time and money!